Creativity is in my bones -

it's what makes me happy.

I am a painter

I've always enjoyed expressing my creativity. Over the last year, abstract painting has emerged as my passion.

Something shifted inside me after a difficult personal stretch and I began to pull myself out of the darkness.

I felt an impulse to paint and my first major body of work was born. I now realize that the need to create is a part of what defines me.

I am a painter.

My way

I have developed my own methods and techniques by experimentation and from other artists that I admire.

My "process" is simple. Most of the time there is no planning involved. I let color inspire me and lead me in a direction. I love the freedom of the abstract. 

My art

My artwork is expressionistic, but still flows from my heart, and is part of an intuitive process from start to finish. This reflects why I donĀ“t follow a particular style.