Name:Wenche Charlotte Egelund

Born: May 17th in Oslo

Phone: +47 905 87 905



Studio: Vøyenenga / Atelier Vøyenenga - Ringeriksveien 173, 1339 Vøyenenga


2013 - 2016  Student at DTK,  Det Tverrfaglig Kunstinstitutt i Bærum


2013    Silkprint with Marisa Ferreira, Portugal

2013    Photo with Tammo Rist, Germany

2014    Abstract paint with Jorge Lopes, Portugal

2014    Animation with Fernando Galrito, Portugal

2014    Photo with Tatiana Macedo, Portugal

2014    Art trip to Portugal with Julio J. Fernandes da Silva

2020    Igor Mayer 

2020    Shaban Bamerni 


2014    Student Exhibition at DTK

2015    Student Exhibition at DTK

2016    Student Exhibition at DTK

2016    Oslo Rådhus /Town Hall

2014    Galleri DC-9

2018    Fornebu S

I live just outside of Oslo, and was born on our National Day the 17th of May 1962. I have two sons.